Escape from the routine and indulge your passion for photography! Capture the soul of a portrait. Discover the spirit of a place. Refine your personal style. Hone your technical skills. Take your camera out of the box! Treat yourself to an experience where you are welcomed by others who are just as passionate. You deserve it!

All About Photography

Duration: 3 Days Program.
Proposed dates: TBA

Program details

Intro to Photography Origin of photography and few historic references and various specializations in photography. Pros and cons of various kinds of cameras.
Intro to Digital Craft - The Camera Design of Digital Camera, types of digital cameras, understanding Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO etc.
The Lens Standard Camera Lenses, Focal Length and Angle of View, Aperture or F/ nos. Different types of lenses (purpose of use), Specialized Lenses such as mirror lens, macro, shift, ultra wide angle, fish eye, etc.
Focusing System How to Focus - Manual or Auto, How focus system works, various focusing modes (one shot, AI Servo or AI Focus), Selecting correct focus points, Auto Focus lock, minimum focusing distance etc.
Depth of Field and depth of focus Basic of depth of field, how to achieve and control and use it effectively. Factors which effect Depth of field.
Perspective and distortion Difference between them and how to control and use them effectively, Linear and aerial perspectives, Vanishing points etc.
Exposure modes and controls Different exposure modes like manual, aperture and shutter priority, program modes etc.
Exposure calculations Exposure meter and kinds of exposure meters, how to read, balance and compensate the meter by Exposure Triangle i.e. Shutter speed, aperture and ISO, Exposure compensation, Bracketing, AE Lock etc.
Metering modes Various metering modes how and when to use them to get desired effects
Analysing your exposures How to judge your exposures - Normal, over or under exposure, Histograms - how to read and analyze the graph, highlight warning tools etc.
Color temperature and white balance What is white balance and color temperature Why is it so important to set correct WB to get perfect colors for given light source.
Myth of Pixel, Resolutions, File Formats What is a digital image, Minimum resolution for print and online images, Difference between RAW and JPEG and their importance etc.
Light and its principals 4 qualities of light and how it effects your images (color, contrast, quality and direction of light)
Continuous light and light modifiers How to use continuous or available light, use of light modifiers like simple reflectors or diffusers etc.,
Flash Basics of flash photography, how to use built in flash effectively, what is Sync speed, flash compensation, use of fill in flash etc.,
Composition and visualization Basic rules of composition and visualization will be explained with visuals.
Accessories Different accessories like filters, lens hoods, battery packs, tripods and monopods will be shown and discussed.
General tips for better image capture How to hold your camera, cleaning and taking care of your equipment, etc., followed by Q & A session.

Fees Structure

Workshop Fees: Rs 6000/-

Concept of Portrait Photography

2 and 3 - Day photographic workshops on lighting and studio craft (includes Portrait, Fashion, Model Portfolios, etc.)

Program on Day 1 & Day2

Use of artificial light to create photographic images in controlled environment.
Tools and requirements: Studio, Digital Camera, Lenses, Lighting equipment. Make up and Styling
Approach to Basic Lighting: Sources of Light: Daylight, Tungsten, Electronic Flash
Flash or continuous light – advantages and disadvantages

  • How a studio flash works.
  • Setting up a portrait with a single light.
  • Changing the quality of the light with simple accessories.
  • Placing the main light. Using a simple reflector.
  • Using a flash meter and setting your camera.
  • Adding a second light. Light control accessories.
  • Hair/background lights.
  • Getting more depth into your portraits.
  • Using a main and fill light.
  • Balancing light sources with a flashmeter.
  • Lighting a white background - not lighting a black one! Softboxes - stunning portraits with a small softbox.
  • Positioning lights and subjects.
  • Using larger softboxes to create lovely soft lighting.
  • Hard, high contrast lighting.
  • Mixing hard and soft light together.
  • Lighting for full length. The white background, for fashion and contemporary portraiture.
  • Camera viewpoint.

Program on Day 3 (cont...)

  • Postproduction: Importance of raw file and processing controls
  • Color calibration and optimization
  • How to enhance your image with image editing software
  • Inkjet printmaking and presentation
  • Troubleshooting / Open Forum - Question and Answer

Fees Structure

2 days inclusive of work lunch, tea.
Workshop Fees: Rs. 6,000/-

3 days inclusive of work lunch, tea.
Workshop Fees: Rs. 7,500/-


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