I now operate my own photo studio business and have considerable work as freelancer photographer. I do weddings, parties, banquets and all kinds of events. It goes without saying that your course has made this possible. It has given me the confidence to attempt all kinds of jobs. My Rajan's School of photography lessons provide the reference library to set me right, I want to send my grateful thanks to your entire staff.

Sadanandam S – Sony Videos, BHEL

The course is well planned and very through in all phases, it is very inexpensive considering the benefits and what you get out of it. All one has to do is apply himself and put in a little effort to get through the photographic education.

C Srinivas – Hyderabad

The criticism and praise was very frank and to the point, I would recommend the course to others and I have. I was able to earn much more than I previously thought and part of my earnings were used to purchase the additional equipments.

MC Shekhar – Freelance Photographer

I found the photography course to be marvellously organised approach to the technical and aesthetics of photography. The thorough knowledge of the instructors was very handy in attempting the newer challenges and gaining the success, many thanks.

Aruna Reddy – USA

I was surprised the Rajan's School of photography course offered such value for so little investment. My instructors were very helpful and patient during my training program. I was able to earn immediately through freelancing as part time, which helped me pay my course fee and purchase additional equipments.

Madhu Sanjay – Ghaziabad