Master the Art Of Photography

Whether you are a true beginner, an aspiring amateur or seasoned professional, our sophisticated and focused classes are created with you in mind. We design programs that expose our students to the technical as well as the creative aspects of photography. Students acquire valuable insights into the essential theories of photography, but at the same time continue with a keen focus on hands-on learning. Our programs will introduce you to the key areas of photography, including exposure calculation, depth-of-field, effective composition guidelines, and acquiring the reflexes to use your camera to get consistent high quality results.

Each session is tailored to show you how to get the most from your camera and accessories and be inspired to take more creative shots.

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Certificate Programs

Conducted on Weekdays (on Mon-Wed-Fri) and Weekends (on Sat & Sun)

Course Duration: 20 classes (2 Monhts)

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Program of Study

Introduction to Photography:  This course examines the brief history of the photography. The use of photography as a commercial enterprise, a documentary tool, a cultural force and a means of personal expression are explored.

Digital Craft: This course introduces the brief history of digital era, use of digital technology, digital camera controls and uses.

Color Craft:  This course introduces the use and importance of Color in Photography, which includes additive and subtractive colors, color management, color vision, color temperature, color harmony and psychology.

Outdoor Craft:  This course introduces the use of natural light to create interesting images varying from portraiture, landscape, architecture, street life, documentary, and photojournalism.

Studio Craft:  This course introduces the use of artificial light to create photographic illustrations in a controlled environment. Lighting techniques are demonstrated and applied in a series of photographic exercises with tabletop, still life, product and advertising, portraiture, fashion and glamour. Both "hot lights" / continuous lights and electronic flash / strobes are used to achieve total control of color, composition, contrast and reflection. Emphasis is placed on the technical mastery of complex equipment, coupled with an aesthetic understanding of the physical principles of light to create totally controlled images directed toward fine art, editorial and commercial application.

Retouching Craft:  This course extends students explore digital workflow, image retouching, editing, scanning, printmaking and presentation.

Critique Seminars and Final Portfolio Project: This course extends students exploration of the use of the photographic medium for personal expression. Students devise and produce a photographic project that expands on the techniques and processes mastered in previous programs. Through individual and collaborative assignments, students explore photography in the studio and on location. Emphasis is placed on developing a "signature" style. All students must develop and prepare an original exhibition accompanied by a written component.

* Diploma Programs would be starting from the next academic year.

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